Collective2 review

Collective2 review Collective2 review Collective2 review Collective2 review Collective2 review

The alternative investment.

For that tiny, risky, “I’ll-try-anything-once” portion of your portfolio. Turn on an automated trading strategy inside your regular brokerage account.

Select a strategy

Strategies are developed by quants, or traders, or weird geeks in their parents’ basement. Anyone can have their strategy tracked by Collective2. We let results speak for themselves. You can select as many strategies as you feel comfortable with.

Type in your account number

Unlike hedge funds and other old-style “alternative” investments, you don’t hand over your money to anyone. Certainly not to us. Your money stays inside your brokerage account at all times. You “turn on” a strategy inside your brokerage account.

Watch trades as they happen

You know how hedge funds, and real-estate partnerships, and angel investments report results to you once per month, or even once per quarter? Yeah, that’s pretty dumb. With Collective2, you can watch trades as they happen inside your brokerage account. We take transparency to the next level.

Collective2 review
Collective2 review
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