Ycm invest review

UK. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Ycm invest review Ycm invest review Ycm invest review Ycm invest review Ycm invest review

Who We Are

YCM-Invest is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [Firm Reference Number 470392] to hold client funds, act on a matched principal basis and manage professional clients’ investments.

Our focus at YCM-Invest is on Asset Managers and Professional Traders, offering them not only best execution, client fund insurance and a trading platform for market access, but also the option of a regulatory umbrella solution, investment products as an alternative to traditional hedge funds, investor funds allocation, and our own trading programs.

The YCM-Invest Investment Product is an alternative to the traditional hedge fund as it can be arranged, white labeled, managed and promoted by the Asset Manager as a single product, through which all managed accounts can be administered as a group.

Our management team has developed investment management programs for Hedge Funds and Family Offices worldwide, leveraging big data, self-learning algorithms and market sentiment facts towards delivering consistent growth.

Institutional Quality, Boutique Flexibility

At YCM Invest, we partner with our Introducing Brokers to ensure they can build their businesses with profitability, efficiency and control.

We provide all our IB partners with access to our advanced, institutional class platform. This gives them all the functionality they need for highly effective and transparent management – product-by-product or client-by-client.

Earn markups on all products and tailor make plans for each client. We pay out your commission daily.

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