Cap front review

Cap front review Cap front review Cap front review Cap front review Cap front review


In 2013, co-founder and CEO of CapFront, Zack Fiddle, graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in corporate finance and decided to use his knowledge to help his family’s 3rd generation retail business, which had been struggling in years prior due to increased competition from the modern-day big box store, rather than join a large corporation.

In 2014, the city government was in the process of taking over their local competitor’s commercial space, and their owners gave Zack’s family business the chance to purchase it at a fair price. This was a huge opportunity, as the business for sale provided complimentary services and an easily transferable customer base; however, Zack was unable to secure bank financing in the allotted timeframe, so he looked beyond traditional financial institutions and found a non-bank business lender that funded the acquisition without collateral, significant paperwork, or overly stringent underwriting requirements in only one week. This process left a lasting impression on Zack, and after his family business was able to find a suitable replacement, Zack left his family business in pursuit of his newfound purpose: helping small to medium-sized business owners access capital.

Fast-forwarding to 2017, after 3 years of working in the small to medium-sized business lending space and dedicating himself to learning everything there is to know about it, Zack and co-founder and COO, Mike Behar, launched CapFront, a small to medium-sized business financial services marketplace focused on relationship-building, client education, product graduation, full transparency, and sustainable financing. The small to medium-sized business lending space is still surprisingly unregulated and is unfortunately riddled with exorbitant interest rates, outrageous 3rd party fees, bait-and-switch tactics, misleading contracts, and misinformed brokers, and it’s Zack, Mike, and CapFront’s mission to guide as many entrepreneurs as possible towards what’s best for their businesses rather than what’s best for their broker or lender and to treat each and every one of them like Zack’s family business.

Why Choose CapFront?

We launched CapFront to protect entrepreneurs from predatory lending practices in an almost completely unregulated market. Our focus is on complete transparency with our clients, and our dedicated relationship managers are bonafide experts in business funding, so you can count on us to educate you on how to evaluate your options as well as how to take the next step towards securing a comprehensive suite of lower-cost options over time. As we get to know your business and build rapport, we will continuously reevaluate your needs and match your business with the right products and/or services.

Need quick funding?

Contact us today and one of our dedicated relationship managers will discuss your needs in order to determine the best product for your business. We are here to help, every step of the way.

Cap front review
Cap front review
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