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Adamant is a yield optimizer vault that allows users to easily and safely maximize their yield farming income.

Maximize Yields with Adamant

Adamant Technology makes it easy to maximize your yield farming income.
You deposit in the vault that best suits you, and Adamant automatically maximizes your yield by compounding up to 1000+ times each day. You also save gas and avoid the hassle of manually yield farming. Users can withdraw at any time. Due to the high efficiency of Adamant’s smart contracts, Adamant’s performance fees are also the lowest on Polygon.

Industry Leading Security

At Adamant, we employ the latest in multi-factor security, inside and out. Safety is our primary concern.
Adamant’s vaults allow you to remain in control of your assets and see where they are at all times. Nothing is hidden and everything is auditable by anyone, at any time.Adamant has never lost any cryptocurrency through bugs or hacks.


Stake Adamant’s native token, ADDY, to earn performance fee dividends from Adamant’s vaults. Stakers can gain exposure to the returns from the entire Polygon DeFi scene without having to manage multiple platforms and farms. In addition, up to 50% of the performance fee is used to buyback ADDY to create deflationary pressure on it.

Join our community

If you need more information about Adamant, you can join our community on Discord and Telegram or read the latest news on our Twitter. On Discord and Telegram you will find members of our team and meet many users who share their experience and knowledge. By participating in the community, you can also influence the future changes of Adamant.


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