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Myfin review Myfin review Myfin review Myfin review

Guide to the Personal Finance

Myfin.Us helps you to make the right choice if you need a credit card, a personal loan, or a mortgage. Use our free tools – currency converter and bank’s branches locator. is a financial website that contains all the information you need about US banks and their products. Here you can check current exchange rates, find the nearest bank branch, or choose the right bank product. In the «Branches» and «Bank near me» sections, you can find out the address and telephone number of the required bank, see the location of their branches and ATMs. In order to compare bank products visit our «Credit cards», «Perosnal Loans», or «Student Loans» sections.

Some free useful tools

  • The currency converter. Using live exchange rates, this tool allows you to instantly convert the amount you need.
  • Bank near me. We maintain a complete database of all the branches and ATMs of the US largest banks. You can use this tool to find the branch located nearby easily.
  • ATM near me. It’s another tool, that we found extremely useful when you need to withdraw/deposit cash using your card or make various payments.
  • Credit card calculator. This tool helps you calculate your monthly payments and create a payments schedule for all credit cards you have (or want to get). There is also a Credit card payoff calculator (see when you will pay your balance off) and a Credit card interest calculator (calculate how much you’ll spend on interest until your card is paid off in full).
  • Credit card utilization ratio calculator. Keep your utilization ratio within a safe range (up to 30%).
  • Personal loan calculator. Uncover the real cost of your loan and create a detailed payment schedule.

You’ll find many useful and exciting reviews and materials on the pages of our website. Enjoy browsing and don’t forget to bookmark!

Myfin review
Myfin review
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