1.Fidelity: has a strong reputation for having reliable customer service.
Investment options
1. Stock Trading
2. Margin Trading
3. OTC Stocks
4. Functional Shares
5. Complex Options Max
6. Futures Trading
7. Options Trading
Ratings: 5.0

2.InteractiveBrokers: it allows accessing the global market, reasonable prices and is a powerful trading platform.

Investment Options:
1. Stocks
2. Exchange Traded Funds
3. Features Options
4. Bonds
5. Warrants
6. Foreign Exchange
7. Mutual Fund
8. Metals
9. Cryptocurrencies

3. Sofi: It allows investing in stocks and ETFs.
Its best thing is anyone can buy or sell stocks with zero commission.

Investment Options:
1. Active Investment
2. Automated investment
3. IPO Investment
4. Fractional Shares
5. ETFs
6. IRAs


4.Ally: it offers commission-free trades on eligible United States stocks, options, and ETFs. Ally is a strongly web-based platform.

Investment Options;
1. Stocks
2. ETFs
3. Options
4. Bonds
5. Mutual Funds
6. Margin Accounts
7. Securities

5. Merrill: Merrill offers personalized investing with guidance and tools to make your investment ideas more confident.

Investment Options;
1. Stocks
2. Mutual Funds
3. EFTs
4. Fixed Income
5. Bonds
6. CDs
7. Options

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